The Svolvær Goat - Frontside

The Svolvær Goat is a Lofot-classic. The mountain is towering high above the capital of Lofoten, providing one of the finest and most spectacular climbing routes in the area. Instead of climbing "the normal" tourist way, in the shadow valley on the backside, we climb the front side, which gives you sun, view and excellent climbing. The route can at some points be a bit demanding, but that makes it even better to get up.

The route is one of my personal favorites, and offers Lofot-climbing of the best quality.

Due to a safety assessment, I do not allow guests to jump between the towers.

practical info

duration: approximately 7 - 8 hours. 

level: the route is medium hard and the last pitch is graded 5.8 (5b). You should have climbed some before and be used to heights. The climbing is otherwise quite nice for those with a high fear, as it is not very exposed. However, it is a fairly steep rappel on the downturn.

weather dependent: Yes, in case of bad weather there will be no trip. A little rain is OK, since it dries up pretty fast in Lofoten. 

place of attendance: We meet at the parking lot in Blåtindveien. This is the regular parking for the tours around Geita. Please note that this is a popular hiking area, so do not use much space during the parking. We start the trip depending on weather conditions and the group's wishes.

We can be helpful with transportaion and accommodation if desired, please contact.

What do I need? 

clothes: You need regular hiking equipment for alpine conditions. Remember that the weather in northern-Norway , also summertime, can be challenging. Please bring a rain and wind jacket, as well as woollen underwear, hat and gloves.

shoes: bring good hiking shoes that you are comfortable walking far in. If you have climbing shoes, bring these along as well. 

equipment: Bring a large backpack suitable for a long day in the mountains. NB. Remember that you are bringing extra climbing gear in the bag. a 30 - 40 litter bag is often appropriate.

climbing equipment: From us you can borrow both helmet, harness, rope and gear, but please bring your own equipment if you have. If you do not have climbing shoes, but want to borrow, contact us and we will see what we can do.. 



NOK 2000 ,-

per person. max 3 people per guide.
minimum NOK 4000 ,-


Responsibility and Security:

Participation in climbing courses takes place at your own risk. Climbing is defined as risk sport. Course holder does not take financial responsibility for accidents that may occur during the course, and any insurance must be made by each participant themselves. Some travel insurance covers risk / extreme sports, but not all, check with your supplier. By signing up, the courseholder assumes that the participant is aware of this.

Our climbing instructors are experienced climbers, and safety is always highly prioritised. Our instructors are qualified and approved by the Norwegian Climbing Association and the Norwegian fjellsportforum National Standard.

Are you alone, but dont want to hire a guide just for you?
Send us a mail, and maybe we will find a group for you to join. 


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