About Hvitblikk

Hvitblikk is a North-Norwegian enterprise founded in 2017. The company operates mainly within two different segments; media and mountain climbing.

Hvitblikk offers photography and video to companies and private customers, ranging from wedding photography to commercials. The company's main role in media is nevertheless serious journalism, within genres such as nature and outdoor life, politics and society.

The enterprise's second, but equally important part; is constructed around climbing course and mountain climbing. Hvitblikk has been guiding on Mt.Stetind and other mountains in Norway since the summer of 2017: an activity we are very pleased with.

The company's founder and owner are me, Timme Ellingjord.




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photo: Aleksander Ellingjord

photo: Aleksander Ellingjord

The world is our office

but we are mostly situated in

* Volda
* Kjeldebotn
* Lofoten
* Kirkenes
* Oslo
* Narvik



MA Political Science/UiO
MA Media Practices/HiVolda

BA Political Science/UiT
BA Russia Studies /UiT
Documentary Photography /HiVolda

NF climbing instructor 1 Alpine Mountain
Climbing instructor 1 Indoors

Norwegian, Russian, English. 

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